Stonehenge, Preseli and the Ice Age

by Brian John

Greencroft Books, 2008 (now reprinted)

ISBN 978-0-905559-89-6 Price 9.95 160 pp Full colour

This is the first book ever to be devoted exclusively to an in-depth study of the enigmatic bluestones at Stonehenge. The author examines the mythology associated with the stones, their use in various stone settings in the megalithic monument, their geology, and the conflicting theories put forward through the years to explain how they were transported from West Wales to Stonehenge. The author concludes that the stones were not transported from Preseli to Salisbury Plain by our Neolithic ancestors. There was no need for such an “astonishing enterprise”, because the stones were already there well before 3,000 BC, within striking distance of Stonehenge, having been dumped many thousands of years earlier by glacier ice. This idea is not new. But never before has the evidence for glacial transport been presented in such a comprehensive form, and never before has the human transport theory been subjected to such a hard critical analysis. The book presents recent geological discoveries and staggering new work undertaken with glacier modelling techniques, which shows that at the time of greatest glacier extent during the Ice Age, Salisbury Plain must have been ice covered. The human transport story, one of Britain’s favourite myths, is shown to be sentimental, unscientific, unnecessary and irrelevant -- and entirely unsupported by evidence in the field.